The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall

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The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania used this watershed moment, joining the other countries of the Eastern bloc to radically transform their political systems. Around 15 years later, their advancements helped them become full-fledged members of the European Union. Some of those countries that had dissociated themselves from the core Soviet Union, such as Ukraine and Georgia, still have the toughest part of their journey ahead of them.

At the very latest, since they have been threatened by the hegemonic aspirations of a neo-imperialist Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. It was in the s when the hope of establishing good neighbourly relations between sovereign, eastern European countries and a democratic Russian Federation turned sour. The poison of Greater Russian chauvinism remains effective. The Lithuanian patriot and independence fighter Vytautas Landsbergis followed these developments with great attention.

When asked about his views on the meaning of the year , he replied: "Back then we won one battle and were waiting for another". Landsbergis regards the changeover from Yeltsin to Putin and the defeat of Russian reformists as a phase of increased risks and dangers. He believes that Russia intends to rule over its vicinity once more. Vladimir Putin and his followers, Landsbergis suggests, loved fearful and submissive — or what he calls "pacified" - neighbors. Nonetheless, the constant provocations from the Russian side are a reality. Beyond what Russia defines as its "immediate neighborhood", the Russian arsenal of covert warfare is now directed at the entire European Union and its supposed decadence and feebleness, juxtaposed with Russia's own authoritarian-dictatorial model.

Dreams of an alternate Eurasian Union are being revived, even though they had been consigned to the dustbin of history for a long time. If the countries of western Europe and their political actors had ever been under the illusion that this new Russia could be a strategic partner to solve international crises and conflicts, it is now definitely time to abandon these hopes.

Part of this stance must be ever-tightening sanctions. Another part of this must be the presence of NATO troops on our vulnerable eastern flank. The agreement to construct the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline was driven by German and west European economic interests and, crucially, sends a fatal signal of political weakness eastwards. Positive experiences of the last thirty years, the last couple of years, and recent months show this: Our partners and allies are the members of Russian society that fought and continue to fight for their survival and their last freedoms, those that organize protests and demonstrations, those that want to bring Russia back on the democratic path.

Both the courage of its actors and also international signals, such as the bravery of protesters in Hong Kong, Turkey and the Middle East, carry on this message of freedom that reverberated throughout Europe in Sain aru Loen veel. Several years ago, former Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski rightly noted: "It was not the victory of diplomacy or alliances that transformed Europe, it was the desire of the people yearning for freedom. Add comment. Only registered users can comment this article!

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Berlin Wall

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How the fall of the Wall shaped Berlin’s techno scene | Sleek Magazine

Berlin Wall anniversary — in photos Show all A berliner holds up a hammer and a chisel early on 15 November in front of the wall at the Brandebourg Gate. An East German border policemen, right, refuse to shake hands with a Berliner who stretches out his hand over the border fence at the eastern site nearby Checkpoint Charlie border crossing point.

East German citizens climb the Berlin wall at the Brandenburg Gate as they celebrate the opening of the East German border. Woman holds up pieces of the Berlin Wall she found when the latest passage was opened at Wollankstrasse in West Berlin's district of Wedding. West Berliners crowd in front of the Berlin Wall early 11 November as they watch East German border guards demolishing a section of the wall in order to open a new crossing point between East and West Berlin.

A West Berliner welcomes a East Berliner as she pours Champagne onto his car at Wollangstrasse where a new crossing point into the West has opened. A construction worker builds part of the wall. At the time it was put up, many people were afraid that the wall would serve as a provocation and turn to the Cold War into a hot one.

West Berlin children play at 'constructing the Berlin wall' with make believe arms and imitating East and West Berlin wall security guards. Meanwhile, further construction was happening on the other side of the divide: in the same year, a second parallel barrier was built in the east of the city and the houses between the two structures razed to the ground, creating an exposed wasteland area that was known as the 'death strip'. Curious West Berliners peep over the stone and barbed wire barrier blocking off East Berlin from West.

The first person to be shot dead for trying to cross, Gunter Liftin, had a flat in the West but had been visiting his mother in the East when the wall suddenly went up. A young boy is trying to show his talent by drawing on the East side of the Berlin Wall. A group of East German police officers look on as workers continue to demolish a section of the Berlin Wall. An East Berliner with West german flag and flowers enters West berlin amidst a crowd of East germans flooding through the recently made opening in the Berlin wall at Potsdamer Square.

West-Berliner citizens sit on the Berlin wall as East-German policemen stand guard on November 10, to ask for the fall of the Berlin wall. East-Berliner citizens are welcomed by the crowd as they enter West-Berlin by car at the Checkpoint Charlie on 9 November Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists.

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Update newsletter preferences. Hans-Peter Spitzner with his daughter Peggy who were one of the last families to cross the wall Oliver Mark. Spitzner with his daughter, who was seven years old when they fled CBS. Footage shows historic moment Berlin wall is torn down in Comments Share your thoughts and debate the big issues. Join the discussion.

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The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall
The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall
The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall
The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall
The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall
The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall
The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall
The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall

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