Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian

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That means, all my hours are in Your hands; all my minutes are in Your hand. For what purpose? For enjoyment, for pleasure. A trip for pleasure? You hear that? The following is also a very queer story, but I have to tell it to you anyhow. Thirteen years! So she was somewhat discouraged. He saw a tear in her eye.

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You have to understand that it was the Gra who lived for a purpose. So you sit down in the dining room, you and your wife, and he and his wife, and you talk and talk and talk. Save your life! What do you want from me? You know, being in the office, you can serve Hakadosh Baruch Hu in many ways. In many ways! There are better ways than that too. A glorious career! You counted a few seconds while washing the dishes?!

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You thought about Hashem while standing in the shop?! Even one minute of thinking during the day is so precious that you can already count that day as a success! What did I accomplish today?

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Is there anything to count? Stop for a moment and think that the day is almost over and count that day. In all eternity, it will never return again. Not once more in history will you be able to relive this day. You know, a woman can bake muffins, she can cook chicken, and she can become heroic in the kitchen. How does He give bread? Does He stretch his hands from the sky and hand us something? All the bakers should be here tonight because otherwise their lives are being wasted. And so, at the end of the day, the mother is standing in the kitchen, or maybe the baker or the grocer is standing behind the counter, and they look through the window and see the sun is going down; they should remember why Hashem made that great ball of fire.

And as he picks up the drill he looks through his window; he wants to see how many more hours does he have to work today.

And when he sees the sun going down he catches himself for that last moment of the day. Just to put more checks into my drawer? Is that it? Is that what the days of my life are worth? Just some more checks? A young man is loaded down with capital. A young man of two, a young man of twenty, a young man of forty, a young man of sixty, a young man of eighty — he has wealth.

The wealth of life is only for a few moments. Relatively, life is only a fleeting pause in eternity. They spend time bemused about the injustice that is being done to them. And their lives are being wasted away by silly and foolish imaginations. Not lunatics! Come on, time to go now. What you heard tonight is kindergarten talk. Parshas Kedoshim — Judging Others Favorably.

Let me give him a break! You have to follow the strict letter of the law; whatever Hakadosh Baruch Hu prescribes in the Torah.


Why did he do this? Why did he say this or that? Why did he block my driveway? Why does he let his son ride his bike on my lawn? On the one hand, the Torah is obligating a judge to issue his verdict on the basis of absolute justice, in strict accordance with the law. Are you going to pass judgement on the basis of such a shallow thing?! What he sees in the poor man is real!

And that means that we all have a big job ahead of us! First of all, maybe you deserved it — it could very well be you deserved to hear some criticism.


When a wife criticizes a husband, you should know that she is doing a very great thing. Nobody will criticize this great man. She puts a pin in his balloon and it bursts. And so, you can forget about being upset at her; you should thank her. Maybe she was up all night with a crying baby while you were sleeping soundly. Maybe she had an impossible day with the children. You should be charitable and give him the benefit of the doubt. But how could we say such a thing? You know, when people love to see trouble in the world, so they pick up the newspaper to see what crimes were done.

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He was a quiet man and he was good natured and smiled to everybody. It was sixty years ago that I heard him say that and I remember it like yesterday. He pays the electric bill for the shul. Quietly, without anybody knowing, he pays the bills for the shul. Now, when I see this man, I see the man who pays for the air conditioner; the man who pays for the lights.

Evgeny Onegin

Because our job in this world is to ignore the more difficult parts of the bundle and focus on only the good parts. So you can love them too! Love that man just because of that!

Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian
Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian
Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian
Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian
Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian
Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian
Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian Parashas Revery & Dance, Little Russian

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