Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion)

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I liked the first one better. Farmer did not disappoint her fans.

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A must read for young adults. It begins a few hours after the final events in the first book. A five stars plus rating on my book rating scale.

The House of the Scorpion - Wikipedia

Warning, once you start this book you will not want to put it down. Matt has been reclassified as human, but he still has to cure the other clones mind-controlled "eejits" who provide Opium's slave labour , as well as dismantle Opium's drug trade and plant new crops to revitalise Earth's ravaged environment. Fans of sophisticated science fiction will be captivated by the "electric blend of horrors and beauty" Publishers Weekly in this wildly imaginative, morally complex vision of the future.

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    The Lord Of Opium

    He remembered, long ago, a note Tam Lin had written him about the hazards of this place: Ratlesnakes heer. Saw bare under tree.

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    This was definitely a bare. Matt had only seen them on TV, where they did amusing tricks and begged for treats. Matt tried to remember what to do. Look bigger? Play dead? The flashlight! It was a special one used by the Farm Patrol. One button was for ordinary use, the other shone with ten times the brightness of the sun.

    Flashed into the eyes of an Illegal, it would blind the person for at least half an hour. The animal screamed.

    Q & A with Nancy Farmer

    It hurled itself away, falling over bushes, moaning with terror, breaking branches as it fled. Matt struggled to his feet. Where was he? Why was he alone? After a minute he remembered to switch the beam off to save the battery. Darkness enveloped him, and for a few minutes he was as blind as the bear. He sat down again, shivering. Gradually, the night settled back into a normal pattern, and he realized that he was at the oasis.

    The Lord of Opium (Paperback)

    He cradled the flashlight. Tam Lin had given it to him, to protect him from animals when he was camping. The flaring light made him feel better. Tam Lin had burned the sleeping bag and scolded the boy for foolishness. Matt heaped the fire with dry wood from the supply Tam Lin had always maintained.

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    • He could see the familiar outlines of an old cabin and a collapsed grapevine. He would never come here again. The funeral, three months before, had been attended by fifty bodyguards dressed in black suits, with guns hidden under their arms and strapped to their legs. The floor of the tomb had been covered with drifts of gold coins. The bodyguards had filled their pockets with gold, probably thinking their fortunes were made, but that was before they drank the poisoned wine. Matt drew the sleeping bag around himself, trembling with grief and nerves. He would not sleep again.

      To distract himself, he looked for the constellations Tam Lin had shown him. It was early spring, and Orion the Hunter was still in the sky. Heed the stars of his belt, said Tam Lin. Where they set is true west. Remember that, lad.

      Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion) Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion)
      Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion) Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion)
      Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion) Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion)
      Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion) Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion)
      Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion) Lord of Opium (House of the Scorpion)

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