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Myth #2. Every combination has the same probability

Start by choosing three low number's preferably numbers less than 8. Step 2. For your fourth number, pick a number close to 8. It can either be slightly bigger or smaller than 8. Step 3. During this step you will pick two more numbers. These numbers must be bigger than your previous 4 numbers, but not larger than Step 4. This is where you choose your highest number. Add up all your previous numbers and use the total of those as your final pick.

Free Winning Lottery Strategies

Keep in mind that this number should not be more than 15 numbers bigger than the number that you picked during the previous step. Step 5. This is the final step in the Delta Lotto System. Simply mix up your five chosen numbers into any random order. Good luck! We're often asked about what one should do in the event of receiving a jackpot or tier 2 lottery win. Well besides screaming for joy, jumping up and down like a mad person, and possibly making rude gestures to your soon to be ex boss, the following five points are a must to ensure your new found wealth is handled safely and securely:.

Contact an attorney. You want to weigh your legal options regarding keeping bank accounts and dividing the winnings. Forming a trust will also let you collect the money while maintaining your anonymity. Contact a reputable financial advisor. Do this before you start spending your lotto winnings. They will help you weigh all possible options and give you the best possible counsel for managing your winnings. Keep a low profile. Keep your old friends close. This will keep you or anyone else from getting any unwanted attention.

There is no need for a press release. You don't need the publicity which in turn attracts begging requests and possible security risks. Write down everything you would like to do. This is important so you can realise how you feel about the present situation and the future. You can then go back and see how you felt when you didn't know what it was like to live like a millionaire.

This is a great way to keep yourself in check and ensure your view of life is never distorted by money. Look after your family. Always remember that they were there for you long before you were a lottery winner! Wishing you the very best of luck whichever way you choose to play the biggest and best performing lotteries in the world.

If you're hungry for more winning tips from a 7 times winner and top winning tips for the EuroMillions many other innovative ways to play in all the worlds lotteries that we at Giant Lottos offer simply visit our latest news page. You'll find a wealth of information regarding lottery winners, lottery strategy , lottery winner tax advice and other useful information.

See how to best calculate uk 49 winning numbers or use astrology to win the lottery. You'll never win they said Eat, love and play lotto! Hope I get lucky again" ;-. Please Note: Purchases from this website will appear on your credit card statement as one of the following billing descriptors: Gianttickets Neezy Technologies and its associated brands are an independent ticket purchasing service and are not associated nor endorsed by the National Lottery Commission, Camelot Plc, MUSL, Sisal or any other official lottery operators. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

Find out more here. Lottery Winning Tips. Have you ever wondered what your odds are of winning the lottery? Visit our page on your odds of winning the lottery to find out more! Top tips for winning the lottery Do spread your numbers There are no rules set in stone when it comes to number choice, but historically the following may just help you tip the scales and register your first big win with GiantLottos.

Join a lottery syndicate Joining a lottery syndicate greatly increases your chances of hitting the jackpot through increased buying power.

5 Strategies for Winning the Lottery

Check your numbers It might seem obvious, but there are actually plenty of lottery winnings that go unclaimed. Here are a few of his techniques that everyday lottery players can use when trying to hit the jackpot: Avoid Picking Birthdays. Choosing birthdays limits you're limited to numbers between 1 and 31, that's only half of the available numbers to choose from. Also, because choosing your birthday is such as overused technique, if you win you're going to be splitting the pot with more people.

Stick With Your Numbers. Specifically, if you find that a group of numbers work for you, stick with using these numbers. Play Consistently.

Betting on the Lottery: Is There a Strategy?

Instead, stick to the same numbers in case they show up. Number combinations that were picked in the past are unlikely to come up again. There are too many possible combinations to make this a guarantee, however. Each drawing is its own random event.

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With a quick pick, the lottery machine selects numbers for you. It has as much of a chance of winning a single drawing as a ticket you picked yourself. Randomly picking numbers that match randomly-picked winning numbers is extra unlikely. These numbers are also harder to remember than ones you play all the time. Method 2. All you need is a single ticket to play.

While you can always buy more, the extra tickets often do not increase your odds of winning by a significant amount. The biggest lotteries have the ability to print an unlimited number of tickets for every possible number combination. Play weekly if you have money to set aside for a ticket. Since winning is all about luck, increase your chances by getting in the game as often as possible. Many lotteries have a drawing each week. Purchase a ticket before each new drawing in order to give yourself a shot at the jackpot.

If you really want to win, play as often as you can. Having patience and dedication helps. Join a lottery pool to purchase multiple tickets as a group. Organize a group at your office, school, church, or anywhere else you can find people willing to play. In a pool, everyone who joins agrees to buy at least one ticket.

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If someone wins, they split the money evenly with everyone else in the pool. Depending on how many people join the pool, you could accumulate a bunch of tickets without shelling out a lot of your own money. Make sure someone trustworthy handles the money and tickets. Keep a photocopy of your ticket and receipt to ensure you have proof in case you win. Play less often if you wish to chase a big jackpot. Instead of getting a ticket for every single drawing, save up to play for the big prize. That way, you get to have fun without spending more than you normally would.

The extra tickets bump up your chances of winning very slightly. Many lotteries, including big ones like Powerball, have a cumulative jackpot that gets bigger when no one wins.

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  • For the best chance of winning money, do this for a smaller game such as a state pick With bigger games like EuroMillions, your odds will still be very low. Method 3. Invest in smaller lottery games with less numbers to choose from. These games often have better odds and are more likely to pay out.

    14-Times Lottery Winner Finally Reveals His Secret

    Look for games that pick from a smaller set of numbers or fewer balls.

    How To Strategically Win The Lottery How To Strategically Win The Lottery
    How To Strategically Win The Lottery How To Strategically Win The Lottery
    How To Strategically Win The Lottery How To Strategically Win The Lottery
    How To Strategically Win The Lottery How To Strategically Win The Lottery
    How To Strategically Win The Lottery How To Strategically Win The Lottery
    How To Strategically Win The Lottery How To Strategically Win The Lottery
    How To Strategically Win The Lottery How To Strategically Win The Lottery
    How To Strategically Win The Lottery How To Strategically Win The Lottery
    How To Strategically Win The Lottery

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