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Stage 1: To learn how to ride a pedal cycle, first we need no pedals

Many cities are feeling the bike and are busy launching all sorts of initiatives to support the two-wheeled paddle machine. We are hip, like bicycling, and we are from the Netherlands, a country almost synonymous with cycling. Next to that, we move people and want them to be fully informed on the city they are planning to move to, especially when it comes to riding your bicycle! We looked at vital bike-ride indicators such as bike lanes, bike shops, share of cycling mode, bike rental companies, bike sharing schemes, helmets, government support, bike fatalities, and the buzz around biking. Below, we go deeper into our methodology.

Here are our top 10 winners, can you find your city? Amsterdam is the blazing Dutch capital, built in next to a dike. The city is famous for its high and narrow canal houses, wild flower markets, and sexy red lights lit up behind windows. The city has endless bike lanes, trillions of bike shops, and strong political support.

Bikes are so pdominant in Amsterdam that it is an integral part of the city-scape and not having a bike here is almost un-thinkable.

The only worry is the lack of shared-bicycle schemes, which is odd, because back in the good old hippie-times, Amsterdam was the first city in the world to launch bike sharing, dockless and completely free. The city needs to grab a few more first places to firmly secure its position. The latest bike news from Amsterdam: the city announced it plans to phase out all gas and diesel vehicles by , making the blown out air cleaner for everybody else, especially bicyclists. In the same vein, Amsterdam also banned all scooters from bike lanes, they were a plague, making cycling safer and a little less stressful.

Power to the Pedals! Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg, a small country in central Europe where people like to be friendly-liberal.

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Luxembourg is further supported by having the longest bike lanes per square kilometer, the highest number of bike rental companies per k, and a very low cyclist fatality rate. You can't lose with the United Nations behind you! The city is famous for having a beach, one of the very few in ice cold Scandinavia. They have bike-friendly politicians and a strong bike buzz.

The city also has the highest number of bike shops per 10k, so you never have to drive your car very far to buy a bike. Only worry is the relatively high fatality rate. Their vehicle of choice was not a fast car or a speedy motorbike, but a bicycle. Let's wave! The city has been known as bike-loving for a while. The local government is absolutely fanatic, banning cars from the inner city, and planning ever more bike lanes.

Obey the road rules

It has worked. Copenhagen takes second place in the bicycle modal share category, and impresses with large numbers of bike shops and shared bikes. The latest bike news from Copenhagen: the city is installing a meter long bicycle bridge over the river at Sydhavnen.

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  • The Dutch did. In four brave cyclists decided to go for it. Sadly, Danish police closed down the entire bridge and grabbed our heroes by the bike handle. Utrecht is a lively Dutch university city, capital of Utrecht Province. Utrecht is also famous for wharf cellars , and the Nederlandse Spoorwegen Dutch Railways has its headquarters in the city.

    Laws - Bicycle riders - Staying safe - NSW Centre for Road Safety

    Utrecht has strong political support, long bike lanes, and a high number of bike shops. Like in Amsterdam, they lack a proper bike sharing scheme. With that in place, they might be able to take on Copenhagen, but Amsterdam still seems out of reach. The latest bike news from Utrecht: the city has started a project to get people out of their usual commute and onto a bike.

    How To Ride a Bike, For Adults

    The usual commute is unusual: the train. The city and the Dutch Railways are working together to let people use bicycles instead of the train on short trajectories. Well, everything helps. But perhaps a focus on buses would be a better idea. What's next? Getting folk out of their sailing boats and onto bikes..? Dublin is the capital of Ireland. They have craft beer , Google, Luas trams , and the world famous rock band Virgin Prunes. Dublin scores with lots of bike shops, a relatively low bike price, and loads of bike rental companies. Bicycle modal share is still very low, leaving a lot of upwards potential.

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    Never try to retrieve something that rolls under the bus. Notes: Motorized bicycles or any bicycle over 55 pounds cannot be accommodated on Metro bus bike racks. Folding bikes with 20 inch or smaller wheels can be taken on board. Make sure your bike is folded and stored under a rear seat so as not to block aisles and doorways. Motorized folding bikes are not allowed. Rules for Bikes on Metro Rail:.

    Follow ADA-accessible routes to find elevators and wider, wheelchair-accessible gates, to safely bring your bike in and out of stations. Always walk your bike through stations and on train platforms. Enter at doors marked with the yellow sign on the right 4. Avoid parking your bicycle behind operator's cabin lead car.

    Cheap Road Bikes

    Always keep doors and aisles clear, and be courteous to other passengers. Give priority to wheelchair passengers in designated areas. Always stand with your bike in the designated open area while on board the train. Use elevators or stairs to enter and exit the station. Bikes are not allowed on escalators. Folding bikes are encouraged and allowed on board. Make sure it is properly folded. Notes: Electric bicycles are allowed if they are the size of a regular bike and are subject to safety inspection by security personnel.

    Fuel powered, 3-wheeled, tandem, recumbent and over 6-foot long bicycles, as well as all mopeds and trailers, are not allowed. Failure to obey these rules may result in a citation; ref. They are located at Pasadena Ave and open between Monday - Saturday from 9am - 5pm. Buses and trains can seem tricky to bike around, but if you act safe and predicable, it can be safe and stress-free for all involved.

    Follow these guidelines when you encounter buses, vans or other large vehicles:. Avoid Riding in Blind Spots!

    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle
    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle
    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle
    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle
    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle
    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle
    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle
    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle
    How To Ride A  Bicycle How To Ride A Bicycle

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