Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent

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Suffering in silence

You know others have gone through worse in life. Perhaps you do not want to scare others who are starting a family. But you also feel the life should not be ignored, especially as Catholics and as a mother. Do not avoid talking out of fear or discomfort. We need to talk about miscarriage, as women and as Christians.

Conversation is necessary for women to process stress and to cope. When we open a dialogue, not only does vulnerability free ourselves and allow us to heal, but it gives others room to heal as well.

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After I became vocal about my miscarriage not only did I start to heal, but I felt that I was honoring the little babe. The more I talked, the more I was overwhelmed by how many women came forward to share their experience of miscarriage. Who will lead us? What are we to do? With eyes open, you will see the way Jesus protects your little one.

You will feel His tender hand. People can call you crazy, but like the Apostles, no one can shake the conviction that comes with an encounter with Jesus. My husband and I had a miscarriage a week before we were to leave on a road trip. Days leading up to the trip, God kept giving us glimpses of His goodness.

From the first day we found out we were pregnant, we were drawn to the name Olive for no explainable reason. We kept asking one another what happened on the Mount of Olives throughout the pregnancy, but never took the initiative to open our Bibles. But He did not stop loving on us. Every day of our road trip, we unintentionally saw the word Olive in the most unexpected places. The conviction and grace that these signs gave us sustained us. Exactly a year after we miscarried, God graced us with the birth of our daughter Faith, a few days late, but right on time.

I have friends who have similar stories of God showing them His tender love in unexplainable ways after they miscarried. If you keep your eyes open, you will see Him holding you and your child tenderly. As much as I wanted to meet our child, see their little face a tiny toes, teach them the alphabet, take on sleepless nights and watch them grow, I cannot help but think the first thing the little babe saw when they opened their eyes was the face of Jesus.

I cannot help but think they will spend entirety of their existence in a place with the fullness of love, joy, and peace. I cannot help but dream about us one day being reunited and meeting for the first time. If you have experienced miscarriage, know that we are praying for you. What has helped you in your grieving process? Written by an anonymous daughter of God, wife, and mother who is daily learning to be His!

This article is so beautiful and healing. I experienced a miscarriage on March 7th and this article felt like a hug from God in so many ways. I totally related to all of this but am also so joyful that this article is there for women. We live in a very small diocese and found very little support in the church, at least with our limited reach.

Everyone seemed to be very uncomfortable and distant about it. Copyright - Blessed is She.

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Unit 27 Tempe, AZ All Rights Reserved. Contact us. Leaning Into God As Christians, we trust God, the Author of life, to bring a life into being and to bring a life back home to Him in heaven. Coping After Miscarriage It is okay to grieve! Mourn as you mourn. Take off work or work a ton, eat ice cream or watch a movie, take a deep breath or cry. Mourning does not need to make sense.


It is your process to grieve and heal. Cling to your spouse and family. Connect with local parish or hospital. Never blame yourself. This has nothing to do with anything you did! Put your hope in Jesus and the truths of our Faith. Honoring Your Baby In any unexpected death, the worst feeling is that you cannot stop it, you cannot protect the person you love.

If you can do it, so can I. I just had to let you know somone one is reading you. I know many friends who are also dealing with secondary infertility, and it is all so devastating. And yes, as much as there is joy in the many gifts God gives us it is often hard to let go of our plan — I am learning this myself, over and over again.

I am so sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis, sister, know that I will be praying for you!!! Gggiirrrlll, I feel like this post was written especially for me! Advent has come to mean so much more for me since finding out our news. To have hope. To trust. I also have been more intentional with stopping at the Tabernacle after Mass, or going to Adoration. Sometimes for me to feel God, I need to be more near him, and Adoration helps me. To cry when I need to, but to rejoice when I can.

To reach for my husband in sorrow and in happiness. To remember that Christ has not abandoned me and has something big planned for our lives. Well, this season, I choose hope. I choose faith. I choose trust. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so sorry to hear that you and your husband are on a similar journey. I feel the same about being in Youth Ministry, it is such a gift on the most difficult days. I love Adoration, too! So much joy and peace in the presence of the Lord ,and in the SILENCE which I cannot seem to find anywhere else, lol I am so happy to hear that you are walking with the Lord through this difficult season, and know that I am praying for you so much!

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Katie you nailed it. I had several years of the same experience as a pediatrician, married to a pediatrician. By far, the most painful times were during Advent and Christmas. Getting through mass was impossible without tears. If, in this life, I cannot do away with grief, then I pray that I will at least enter into it with a heart open to this comfort, this solace that is one of the greatest treasures God offers us in the landscape of this season. This comfort is no mere pablum, no saccharine wish. And though it is deeply personal, it is not merely that; solace does not leave us to our own solitude.

True comfort opens our broken heart toward the broken heart of the world and, in that opening, illuminates a doorway, a threshold, a connection. It reveals to us a place where, in the company of heaven and earth, we can begin anew, bearing forth the solace we have found. Given that Christmas is a season leading up to Epiphany on January 6 and not just a single day, we still have a rich opportunity to linger with the stories of this season and the treasures they hold.

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Within the struggle, joy, pain, and delight that attend our life, there is an invisible circle of grace that enfolds and encompasses us in every moment. Blessings help us to perceive this circle of grace, to find our place of belonging within it, and to receive the strength the circle holds for us.

Coping After Miscarriage

A beautiful gift this Advent and Christmas. Available in print and ebook. To visit this blessing, click this image or the title below:. Winter Solstice: Blessing for the Longest Night. This entry was posted on December 17, at pm and is filed under Advent , Christmas.

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Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent
Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent
Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent
Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent
Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent Holding Hope: Grieving Pregnancy Loss During Advent

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