Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009

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Opposing Force Program 9 April Intelligence Support to Capability Development 26 January Civil Disturbances 21 April Antiterrorism Program. Personnel Recovery 5 March AR Conscientious Objection 21 August AR AE PAM Communications Security Custodian Guide 2 May PAM The U.

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Army in Bosnia and Herzegovina 7 October Military Intelligence 1 August The Army June FM Brevity , June FM Religious Support January FM Army Aviation , July FM Fundamentals of Flight May FM Psychological Operations , April now obsolete: FM Psychological Operations , August FM Survival , May FM Urban Operations , December 7, FM Stability Operations , October FM Counterinsurgency Operations 1 October FM Fire Support November FM Reconnaissance Platoon, December FM Mortars , December superseded by TC Tactics in Counterinsurgency , April FM Engineer Reconnaissance , March FM General Engineering , December FM Electronic Warfare , November FM Protection , September FM Conducting logistic planning, maintenance, and movement operations.

Conducting police intelligence operations tasks. Providing effective medical support. Confinement officers should be trained to handle and interrogate detainees and prisoners according tointernationally recognized human rights norms. Prisoner and detainee management procedures should providefor the security and fair and efficient processing of detainees.

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This requires training teams to ensure thattraining in support functions is established. Specially trained personnel required by confinement officers includethe following: Armorers. Supply specialists. Communications specialists. Administrative specialists. Vehicle mechanics and other equipment and facility maintenance personnel.

Effective confinement operations are also linked to an effective justice system with trained judges,prosecutors, defense counsel, prison officials, and court personnel who can process arrests, detentions, warrants,and other judicial records. These elements are important components for establishing the rule of law. Advisers should assist the HN in establishing and enforcing the roles and authority of the police. Theauthority to detain and interrogate, the procedures for detention facilities, and human rights standards areimportant items for instruction during this process.

Leader TrainingN The effectiveness of the confinement officer training program is directly related to the quality of theirleadership. Building an effective leadership cadre requires a comprehensive program of officer, staff, andspecialized training. The ultimate success of any U.

Building the morale and confidence of confinement officers should be a primary strategic objective. Operational performance of inexperienced organizations should be carefully monitored and assessed so thatweaknesses can be quickly corrected.


The employment plan for HN confinement officers should allowconsiderable time for additional training. N FM The strategic plan for confinement officer development should outline requirements for appropriate HNequipment for the. Equipment should meet the specific needs and requirements of the HN. Equipment meets thestandard when it is affordable and suitable against the given requirements and threats. The HN must also be ableto train on the equipment.

Interoperability may be a desired goal in some cases. The requirement to provide equipment may be as simple as assisting with existing equipmentmaintenance or as extensive as providing everything from shoes and clothing to vehicles, communications, andinvestigation kits. Maintainability, ease of operation, and long-term sustainment costs should be primary considerationsbecause few developing nations have the capability to support highly complex equipment.

Developing aneffective maintenance system for the HN may include a major maintenance program conducted by contractedfirms to bring equipment up to functional standards. The program would then progress to partnershiparrangements with U. Sources for HN materiel include U.

The HN shouldhave the flexibility necessary to obtain equipment that meets the indigenous force needs for quality, timeliness,and cost. Military police advisers that serve within HN detention facilities are a very prominent group.

Advisersneed to live, work and fight with their HN confinement officers, and keep segregation to an absolute minimum. The relationship developed between advisers and HN confinement officers is critical to success. Effective advisers are an enormous force enhancer.

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The importance of the job means that the mostcapable individuals should be picked to fill these positions. Advisers should be Soldiers known to take theinitiative and who set the standards for others. See FM More than anything else, professional knowledge and competence win the respect of HN confinementofficers. Effective advisers develop a healthy rapport with HN personnel but avoid the temptation to adopt HNpositions contrary to U.

Advisers who understand the HN culture understand that local politics have national effects. It isimportant to recognize and employ the cultural factors that support HN commitment and teamwork. Part of theart of the good advisor is to employ the positive aspects of the local culture to get the best performance out ofeach confinement officer and leader. Important guidelines for advisers are as follows: Learn enough of the language used by the HN to allow, at the very least, simple conversation.

Be patient, adaptable, and subtle. In guiding counterparts, explain the benefits of an action and convince them to accept the idea as their own. Respect the rank and position of counterparts. Be diplomatic in correcting HN confinement officers. Praise each success, and work to instill pride in the unit. Understand that the U. The HN commander must make decisions and command the unit, and military police are there to help with this task. Keep all counterparts informed, trying not to hide any agendas.

Be prepared to act as a liaison to multinational assets, especially in the areas of maintenance and logistics. Maintain liaison with CA and humanitarian teams in the operational area and specific AOs. Appendix N Stay integrated with the unit. Do not isolate yourself from them. Be aware of other operations so that fratricide is prevented. Insist on HN adherence to the recognized human rights standards concerning the treatment of DCs and detainees.

Violations that are observed must be reported to the chain of command.

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Where Army and joint definitions are different, Army follows the term. Terms or acronyms for which FM Internment involves the detainment of a population or group that pose some level of threat to military operations. Resettlement involves the quartering of a population or group for their protection. These operations inherently control the movement and activities of their specific population for imperative reasons of security, safety, or intelligence gathering. Glossary-4 FM Procedures for Investigating Officers and Boards of Officers. AR Inspector General Activities and Procedures.

The Army Publishing Program. Preventive Medicine. Patient Administration. Standards of Medical Fitness. Law Enforcement Reporting. The Army Corrections System. Criminal Investigation Activities. Evidence Procedures. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Operations. Army Command Policy. Military Sentences to Confinement.

Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing. Supply Policy Below the National Level.

US Army Field Manual FM 3-39.40

Contractors Accompanying the Force. DA Pamphlet Standards in Training Commission. The Army.

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  • Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009.
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FM Financial Management Operations. Human Intelligence Collector Operations. Psychological Operations. Civil Affairs Operations.

Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009
Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009
Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009
Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009
Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009
Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009
Field Manual FM 4-02.1 Army Medical Logistics December 2009

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