Fables and Legends of Ireland

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You have no items in your shopping cart. Irish Myths and Legends Michael Scott. Be the first to review this product. From the epic Irish legend of Cuchulain to tales of banshees, leprechauns and wizards, these short stories and fables cover a wide range of Ireland's mythology and legends, forming a companion volume to Michael Scott's "Irish Folk and Fairy Tales. Availability: Day Delivery.

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Irish Legends Episode 1: The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaidh

Oisin fell in love with Niamh, and agreed to follow her to Tir na Nog. When they got there everything was as she promised, and they both lived happily together.

After three years Oisin feeling home-sick, wished to return home to the land of mortals. Niamh was reluctant to let him go, as years had actually passed in Oisin's homeland, and Oisin would be unable to survive there.

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However seeing how much he wished to return she agreed. Take my magical horse, but never get off the horse, or you will never be able to return to Tir na Nog she warned. Bidding his love farewell, he mounted the horse and headed back to the land he came from. Landing on the shore of Lough Leane, he quickly realized a lot had changed in years.

Fables and Legends of Ireland

St Patrick had come to Ireland and had spread Christianity, and many churches dotted the landscape. To his great sorrow, the mighty Fianna were no more. While travelling the lands he once knew, he came across some old men trying to move a rock. Oisin who was know for his great strength agreed to help.

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He leant down from his horse when suddenly his stirrup broke. Falling to the ground he immediately became on old frail man.

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Oisin died soon after, but not before recalling the stories of the great warriors the Fianna and of the magical lands of Tir na Nog. The story of the company and its founder is a turbulent one, fraught with misfortune and dismal luck. Many believe that this ill-fate was earned by building the factory, despite local opposition, in what was believed to be a Faerie field and cutting down a Faerie tree.

Well, there you have it curious wanders, a little insight into the kinds of things you can expect to see and hear all about on our free fables and folklore tour in Dublin.

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We love telling you the stories of Dublin and Ireland, and indeed the stories about the stories! Our Irish mythology, legends, tall tales and folklore are a fundamental part of our identity, culture, society, history and landscape and this free tour is an unrivalled insight to all of that. Categories Reset All.

Fables and Legends of Ireland Fables and Legends of Ireland
Fables and Legends of Ireland Fables and Legends of Ireland
Fables and Legends of Ireland Fables and Legends of Ireland
Fables and Legends of Ireland Fables and Legends of Ireland
Fables and Legends of Ireland Fables and Legends of Ireland

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