Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition)

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PNV has been fairly content with Basque autonomy and has at times appeared indifferent to full independence, focusing instead on negotiation with the Spanish state for more privileges.

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The Basque Country and the neighboring region of Navarra, however, enjoy slightly greater fiscal than Catalonia as they maintain, regulate, and collect their own taxes. While many were placated by these newfound powers, pro-independence Basque and Catalan groups continued to maintain a presence in the political realm. Despite increased self-rule, Basque terrorist group ETA renewed its bloody campaign in the s, killing over ninety people in alone.

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While Catalans were largely content with greater autonomy, leftist party Republican Left of Catalonia ERC kept up its fight for full sovereignty. But Catalan separatists were in the minority, and Basques, again, were more supportive of secession than their Catalan counterparts. In , before the financial crisis gripped Spain, separate polls showed roughly thirty-two percent of the Basque populace favored independence, while only fourteen percent of Catalans expressed desire for an independent state. The situation is now more fluid. A loss of popular support for the terrorist group, combined with a concerted police enforcement effort and bipartisan political pressure, resulted in a permanent ceasefire announced in January and a call for talks with the Spanish government Madrid has initially balked at negotiating with a terrorist group that would likely lead to its complete disbanding.

And this has coincided with a boost in the political fortunes of former ETA operatives and supporters. Both regions recently held elections — in the Basque Country in October and in Catalonia the following month — in which those advocating for secession fared very well.

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But EH Bildu came in a close second, winning twenty-one seats — quite a feat for a party composed of members previously banned from politics altogether. It was somewhat similar in Catalonia in that Convergence and Union CiU , the historically more moderate and dominant force, lost votes but took first place, edging out radical leftist and pro-independence party, ERC. Separatist parties in both regions now have the opportunity to take the initiative as a result of the elections. But it is not that straightforward.

While the main winners in Catalonia, CiU and ERC, both campaigned on conducting a referendum on independence in the near future, they are strange bedfellows. While this does not bode well for the stability of the coalition recently formed between the two, they have announced the intention to hold a referendum on independence in The independence drive will be even trickier in the Basque Country, where PNV and EH Bildu, across the political spectrum, will also find it difficult to work together.

PNV has formed a single-party government, although it has held out the option of potentially forming a coalition government in the future. Moreover, separatist sentiment is now less audible in the Basque Country than in Catalonia — a historic change of events — in part because the region already possesses the fiscal sovereignty Catalonia craves and also has lower unemployment levels, making the cause for independence a little cloudier.

Regardless of the internal conflicts, both separatist movements will find an enemy in Madrid, adamantly opposed to granting independence. The Spanish Constitution forbids separation and referendums on the subject. Regional independence would need to be approved by the state and all Spaniards.

Catalonia or the Basque Country would have to seek support on the European level. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is seemingly unwavering in his support for a united Spain, making it difficult to imagine the dissolution of Spain, at least in the near future. The more likely outcome is continuation of the status quo, or minor changes in the statute of autonomy, in the Basque Country. The separatist mood is less fervent and tangible, largely because the region maintains so much self-rule already.

Or alternately, head down to the Usina del Arte and immerse yourself in some of the many architectural experiments that have been undertaken by university students Caffarena 1.

Els Psalms --versions en català.

A Catalan cultural center located right in the heart of San Telmo, Xirgu is shining a light on a region whose language, culture, and autonomy have recently been in the global spotlight. Octubre Rojo en el Conti. Photo via Facebook. Admission to the screenings is free, but space in the theater is limited. Come on down and celebrate what makes Canada great! Jenny Moule, singer-songwriter and ukulele player of Damsel Talk.

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Festival Clave is a cultural celebration organized entirely by adolescents. A Yoga Nidra session will be held this evening in Chacarita, accompanied by the soothing sounds of Tierra Obsidiana — a music group specializing in world instruments like the sitar, shrutti box, and didgeridoo. Terres de l'Ebre Ebre Lands is a region in Catalonia. It's the southeast region of Catalonia and is crossed by the Ebre river since gets out of Aragon until pours its water to the Mediterranean sea.

This region is composed by four administrative comarques. All those possibilities, together with a typical Mediterranean weather, make of Terres de l'Ebre a spot to discover and lowly exploited by the big touristic mass. One of the spots more appreciated by tourists are the areas of "coast and sea" and we can find here one of the more impressive natural spectacles of Terres de l'Ebre where Ebre waters fight with Mediterranean waters at the mouth of the river, giving as a result large sand beaches with very low visitor density, where we can have a calm and intimacy hard to find elsewhere.

Very close to those beaches is the Natural Park of Delta de l'Ebre , the biggest humid area of Catalonia, with a surface of km2. Another dimension of Terres de l'Ebre is the mountain and plain.

We can observe here the traditional economic legacy in this land, the primary sector, with vineyards, fruit trees and olive trees.

Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition) Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition)
Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition) Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition)
Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition) Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition)
Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition) Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition)
Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition) Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition)
Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition) Et donaré la terra (Catalan Edition)

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