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The version included on the live album On the Night contains an extra pedal steel guitar solo and is The full-length, studio album version was also included on the compilation Private Investigations. Mark Knopfler recorded and usually played the song on a Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar , rather than his usual Fender "Stratocaster", [2] and the sunburst Les Paul appears in the distinctive promo video, which is in the style of a charcoal drawing, interspersing scenes of the band playing with scenes of war.

The song is reported to be the first CD single ever released; [3] it was released in the United Kingdom in The song's lyrics, influence, and impact were discussed from a variety of musical and personal perspectives in the BBC radio programme and podcast Soul Music first broadcast in September The music video uses rotoscoping and shows the band performing, overlaid with images of the First World War. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Daily Express. Retrieved 21 July Open Culture. Retrieved 11 October Soul Music: Series 14 Episode 4 of 5. BBC Radio 4. Retrieved 17 June Among the dead were 14 pairs of brothers. All these tragic stories tell of brothers who got actually killed together. Yet, thousands of men lost one or more brothers during the war while fighting in other units.

Until now no major research has been conducted about these family tragedies that influenced so many lives, even today. Although it is all but typical. Never before did a message contain that great a story. During road works to lay a new gas pipe line in the hamlet of Westhoek in , Tom Heyman, operating the machine, suddenly stopped digging and called Johan Vandewalle, an amateur archaeologist. Tom was convinced that he had found human remains just beside the road, and immediately linked them to the battlefield that Westhoek once was.

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Johan rushed over and could only confirm that these remains had to be those of a World War I soldier. He contacted the police and the Mayor of Zonnebeke, and got green light from Dieter Demey and Archeo 7 to gather a team and start excavating as soon as possible. It would be an amazing experience for all of them.

After clearing the first grave, they noticed another grave just next to the first one. And then another, and another, and another. In total 5 Australian soldiers were exhumed.

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The last Australian body, however, was to make an everlasting impression on all who were involved. This fifth body was that of Australian private John Hunter. The body of John Hunter was not thrown in the grave like the other four bodies. Clearly this man had not been buried like the others, someone had taken great care in laying John Hunter to rest. Research led to the family in Australia, who confirmed that the story in the family was that John — or Jack as he was known in the family — had been buried by his younger brother Jim.

How Dire Straits Shattered All Expectations With ‘Brothers in Arms’

It was an instant moment, but it lasted long enough to be photographed. At the time only Johan experienced this awesome moment, but the photographs will certainly move generations to come. Johan developed a passion for the so-called underground warfare, and did magnificent work as an amateur archaeologist excavating tunnels and dugouts from the First World War. Johan Vandewalle is passionate about the history of the war and is always trying to learn more….

He volunteered on 23rd October As older brother and close friend John thought it his duty to protect his younger brother and volunteered as well two days later. They were drafted to the 49th battalion, a unit that consisted of mostly Queenslanders. They sailed to Egypt to complete their training and were taken to France nearly a year later.

‘Brothers In Arms’ Begins Its Chart Conquest For Dire Straits

Jim was quickly promoted to Lance Corporal, but was satisfied with the rank of Private if he could stay with his elder brother John. As John crawled out, he was thrown back by the explosion of an artillery shell and was severely wounded. Jim had to go in for the attack, but later brought the body of his elder brother John to a temporary cemetery at Westhoek and buried him with his own hands. He lovingly and carefully covered the body with a standard Army issue ground sheet, so it would preserve the body well.

Jim promised to come back after the war and take the human remains of his elder brother John back to Australia.

Brothers in arms: Vancouver's three Sheehans died in Second World War, to be remembered in Belgium

He did indeed return in , only to see that the terrain was so badly destroyed by artillery shelling that he had no idea where the graves were, and he had no idea where to start digging for the body. Also Jim was wounded later on in the war, one of those wounds sustained in a gas attack.

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  • He managed to survive the hell, though, and returned to Australia. Back home he married Esme Margaret Bulter, with whom he had 6 children.

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    When a dementing Jim drew his last breath, he called out the name of his brother who lay buried in a faraway place called Flanders Fields. Finding the Zonnebeke 5. About Johan Vandewalle. About the Hunter brothers. Finding the Zonnebeke Five.

    Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms
    Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms
    Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms
    Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms
    Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms
    Brothers in Arms Brothers in Arms

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