Both Sides Now: A True Love Story

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Both Sides Now

That was a profound insight, and entirely changed the structure of the book. Suddenly, everything became clearer to me. There is nothing linear about mourning, so why write the book in a linear fashion? Grief is fragmented, and so is life. Thus the bite-size, fragmented chapters of Both Sides Now , while still telling the story. How did your degree impact your story? In my case, the structure and one-on-one mentorship of a low-residency MFA program gave me the disciplined focus I needed to complete the book in entirety within the two years.

Patience and perspective are also hugely important as writers needs time to distill their thoughts. Finally, grounding details and the ability to write in a sensory way help to give a book more universal appeal. How did you choose your method of publishing? We received one beautiful rejection after the next maybe 26 in total, not terrible in spite of how it felt.

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Which is to say that just because an editor is mesmerized by the narrative and writing, there are many other considerations. Memoir is a dicey category, especially for first-time book authors.

It just so happened that at the same time my agent was pitching Both Sides Now, there had been similar sales at other houses by authors with name recognition. This was also before the school shootings at Newtown, CT, an incident that seemed to shake the national consciousness about death and mourning.

Somehow the subject feels less objectionable now. But then several author and speaker friends began to whisper loudly in my ear that I ought to own the rights to my story. The more I listened and learned, the more I realized that they were right. Find another reason, any reason. Her healthy husband, father of their two small children, was dying of cancer.

Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living | Jewish Book Council

She passionately writes about the happy kismet of their early relationship and deals candidly with the hard days during his treatment and the realization that he was not going to get better. The end would come. Her halting thoughts during the months after Brett passed away were surprisingly easy to read. Reassuring her children when her own heart was broken. Finding organization and purpose in her career when everything felt in a shambles.

A journey back to faith on her own terms.

Nancy Sharp, "Both Sides Now"

The need for people who understand grief and tragedy. Those who know, "there will never be an acceptable answer to the question of why it happened. Throughout the first part of the book, Sharp struggles with the very different way she and her husband handle his illness, but eventually grasps that there is no right or wrong way, only the way that is enough for you to get through the experience.

We have become accustomed to these daily contradictions. What if we mined the practice of staying open when more than one thing is true at the same time? What if we used paradox to fuel creative possibilities? Ancient Chinese wisdom reminds us that everything in life contains the seed of its apparent opposite. Herein lies the gift that all great masters point us towards: include apparent opposites in our mind and heart, attach to neither and embrace both. This is the path to freedom and union, both on and off the dance floor.

Our tools will include Open Floor dance practice, meditation, and verbal inquiry as points of integration. It takes courageous awareness to embrace our humanity and divinity. This workshop will help us hold our feet to our own fire; to be exactly who we are and know ourselves to be more than we can imagine. Calendar GoogleCal.

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  • Both Sides Now: A True Love Story Both Sides Now: A True Love Story
    Both Sides Now: A True Love Story Both Sides Now: A True Love Story
    Both Sides Now: A True Love Story Both Sides Now: A True Love Story
    Both Sides Now: A True Love Story Both Sides Now: A True Love Story
    Both Sides Now: A True Love Story Both Sides Now: A True Love Story
    Both Sides Now: A True Love Story Both Sides Now: A True Love Story

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